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Discipleship Message #5: What is Discipling

(Note: This sermon series was preached at the beginning of the new church plant, Harvest Baptist Church.)

In this short series on discipleship we've learned that a disciple is a Christian (the terms are synonymous in the Book of Acts). He is one who has passed through "strait gate" of conversion (a disciple is made/created through the work of evangelism which results in repentance and faith in the Jesus Christ). And he is one who is now walking on the "narrow way" of consecration (a disciple is made/molded into the image of Christ through edification: learning and applying Scripture).

Discipleship, then, is the process a disciple goes through as he is conformed to the image of his Master, the Lord Jesus Christ (Luke 6.40 cf. Rom 8.29). Thererefore, discipleship is the normal Christian life because it refers to conversion and a life-long process of growing in Christ-likeness. Discipleship simply means to follow Jesus in order to become like Him in character and conduct.

There is one more term we need to define in our study: Discipling. Since we already understand disciple and discipleship, this new term will not be hard to understand. However, in addition to learning what discipling is, we need to also understand what the Bible says about who is responsible for it (the answer is simple: Every disciple is responsible for discipling).

In this message we review many of the principals and passages we've looked at before, but it's necessary in order to tie up some loose ends and move on to the next part of our study on discipleship: The Biblical Philosophy of Discipleship.

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