Martes, Febrero 18, 2020
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Discipleship Message #4: What is Discipleship?

(Note: This sermon series was preached at the beginning of the new church plant, Harvest Baptist Church.)

Our biblical definition of a disciple now helps us to define biblical discipleship. Since the term disciple, in the Book of Acts, refers to a true believer (a Christian), then discipleship refers to the process that believer goes through to becoming like Jesus because...

  • (Luke 6.40) The disciple goes through a growth and learning process to becomes as his Master.
  • (Rom 8.29) The Christian goes through a process of being conformed to the image of Christ.
  • (Eph 4.11-15) The saint goes through a maturing process to become like the Perfect Man, Jesus.

Discipleship, then, is as we have said before: The normal Christian life because it is the "norm" that God expects from all His children (it begins with the new birth and continues with spiritual growth/maturity).

What does the Bible say about discipleship—about becoming godly (becoming like the Lord)? In this sermon we take a quick tour of discipleship as it is presented in the Bible. By doing so we see that discipleship (the process of growing in spiritual maturity in order to be like the Lord in character and conduct) is not a new concept at all.

Discipleship, in its most general terms, is God's work of restoring His image in lost man.

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