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Discipleship Message #8: A Biblical Philosophy of Edification, Part 1

(Note: This sermon series was preached at the beginning of the new church plant, Harvest Baptist Church.)

We are in the process of studying the Bible in order to develop a biblical philosophy of discipleship--how a disciple is made. We've seen that disciples are made (created) through evangelism and then made (molded, conformed to Christ) through edification. In our last message we finished our study of the biblical philosophy of evangelism. We looked at the means of evangelism--the components of the process through which God takes a sinner and makes him a saint. Then we looked at the goals of evangelism--our part in the process of making saints of sinners.

We are going to continue our study of the biblical philosophy of discipleship by looking at edification. As we look to Paul the Apostle as our model and example to follow in fulfilling the Great Commission during the Church Age (1Cor 11.1), we can easily see that our mission include more than evangelism.

  • (1Cor 1.17) Yes, one main focus of Paul's ministry was intentional evangelism, and we should strive to be like him in this area (which is exactly why we started Harvest Baptist Church).
  • (Col 1.27-29) However, Paul also labored and strove (intentionally) to edify believers, to perfect them (help them grow and mature) in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Our mission is to be and make disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ.

  • This includes evangelism: We need to be saved and we should be seeking to save the lost.
  • This include edification: We need to be growing in Christ and helping other believers to do so, also.

Evangelism (salvation) is only the first step in the discipleship process because God's goal for all of us that are following the Lord is to conform us to His image—make us like Jesus (Luke 6.40).

All this means one thing for us right now: We need to understand how edification (spiritual growth and maturity) happens, and we should understand our part in that process. We need to understand...

  • The Means of Edification: What are the components of the process of edification? How does God conform us to the image of Christ (how does He perfect/edify us)? This is what we are going to study out this morning.
  • The Goals of Edification: What are our responsibilities in the process of edification? What does God expect of us in the work of edification (in our lives and in the lives of others)? This is what we will take a look at in our next message.

There are five means of edification—five components in the process of spiritual growth in Christ-likeness:

  • Means #1: Identification with Christ – Identify with Christ!
  • Means #2: Knowledge of the Bible – Learn the Bible!
  • Means #3: Obedience to the Bible – Obey they Bible!
  • Means #4: Suffering – Endure Suffering!
  • Means #5: An Exchanged Life – Live an Exchanged Live
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