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Discipleship Message #9: A Biblical Philosophy of Edification, Part 2

(Note: This sermon series was preached at the beginning of the new church plant, Harvest Baptist Church.)

This is our final message on the Biblical Philosophy of Discipleship.

  • We know what discipleship is: (Luke 6.40; Rom 8.29) It is the spiritual growth process of becoming like Jesus in both character and conduct. 
  • Therefore, discipleship begins with evangelism (salvation) and continues through edification (sanctification)

We've seen that biblical evangelism has both means and goals. The means of evangelism (salvation) are the components to the process through which God takes a sinner in order to make him a saint. 

  • The personal conviction of the sinner
  • The preaching of the cross to the sinner
  • The conversion of the sinners (repentance and faith)
  • The regeneration of the sinner by the Spirit of God (and all that it entails: justification, et al). 

The goals of evangelism are what God expects of us in the process of saving a sinner (the goals are “our part” in the process of making/creating a disciple). 

  • Go: We need to intentionally seek out sinners, just like Jesus did. 
  • Preach: We need to communicate the gospel (the message of the cross) to the sinners we find. 

Last week we started looking at biblical edification, and it also has both means and goals. The means of edification (sanctification) are the components of the spiritual growth process through which God conforms us to the image of His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.

  • Identification with Christ
  • Knowledge of the Bible
  • Obedience to the Bible
  • Suffering (Enduring Suffering)
  • An Exchanged Life (Consistency)

In this message, we are going to finish up our study of the Biblical Philosophy of Discipleship by looking at the goals of edification (what is “our part” in growing in Christ-likeness or helping others grow?). 

  • Commitment to the Word of God
  • Commitment to the Local Church
  • Commitment to the Fellowship of the Saints
  • Commitment to Ministry
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