Martes, Febrero 18, 2020
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Discipleship Message #11: The Great Commission in its Doctrinal Context

(Note: This sermon series was preached at the beginning of the new church plant, Harvest Baptist Church.)

This is the last message in the series on Discipleship: The Mission (there is no audio file this week). In this message we tale a look at the Great Commission in its doctrinal context. If we don't understand a little bit about the doctrinal context of the Great Commission we are going to find ourselves guilty of twisting Scripture (wresting it out of its proper context) and committing "anachronistic" errors by placing people and events our their proper historical and chronological location.

Our focus question for this study is this: Is the Great Commission for us today -- is it specifically and doctrinally for Christians living the in Church Age? In the last message we talked about the "general principals" of the Great Commission and how they apply to us. In this message we focus on the specific, doctrinal details of the Great Commission, and we use Matthew 28.18-20 as our base text.

The key to understanding the Great Commission is Matthew 24. Both the Great Commission and Matthew 24 deal with the preaching of the gospel. Both the Great Commission and Matthew 24 deal with the preaching of the gospel to all nations. The Great Commission in Matthew 28.19-20 is almost identical to Matthew 24.14.

The Great Commission in the Gospels (and in Acts 1.8) is historically, doctrinally, and specifically for the Tribulation, the period of time just before the "end" when Jesus returns. To say that the Great Commission is historically and doctrinally for the Church, the Body of Christ, is to commit an anachronistic error because no one at that time knew anything about the Church (God did not reveal the Church until Paul). The Gospel the Apostles were commanded to preach in the Great Commission is the "Gospel of the Kingdom," not the "Gospel of the Grace of God" preached by Paul and by us during the Church Age.

Take some time and read through this study. Have your Bible handy so you can compare Scripture with Scripture and see exactly what the Word of God says.

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