Martes, Febrero 18, 2020
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Discipleship is a term that describes not only our lives as followers of Jesus Christ, but also our mission as a local, New Testament church. Therefore, there is not more fitting series than one on discipleship for the beginning of a new church.

This was our first Sunday morning series at Harvest Baptist Church. Here are the messages: 

  • Our Purpose: Why Are We Here?
  • Our Mission: Be and Make Disciples!
  • What is a Disciple?
  • What is Discipleship?
  • What is Discipling?
  • The Biblical Means of Evangelism
  • The Biblical Goals of Evangelism
  • The Biblical Means of Edification
  • The Great Commission, Our Commission
  • Anachronisms and the Great Commission
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New Web Site

I put together a "landing page" web site for street work. It's just a simple site with a name that's easy to remember so we can give it on tracts, etc. while out street preaching.