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The Book of Esther

The Book of Esther is primarily a book of the history of the Jews around the time of the return of the Jews to the land under Ezra. But... what in the world does it have to do with us today...?

Esther's life was very similar to ours in that it was  full of trials, tribulations, difficulties, and problems. Esther also had to deal with the "deafening silence" of God when she was anxious, worried, and even concerned for her life (Est 4.10-13, 16).

Esther lived during a time when her entire world was governed by godless pagans... and God's people were basically apathetic and indifferent to God's plan (most of the Jew chose not to return to the land!).

But Esther chose to trust God. She chose to get involved in God's plan, even at the risk of her own life and comfort (she chose to sacrifice her comfort and provision as queen in order to make a difference). 

Esther is a book about God's providential care of His people. Even though we may not see God in the daily circumstances of our lives, if we will trust Him and follow His plan, we will see Him providentially lead to victory in Christ (victory in fulfilling our life's mission).

Outline & Messages

The Book of Esther

Introduction & Overview

(Est 1-2) Esther: The Great Change in the Kingdom

(Est 1) Vashti's Demise

(Est 2) Esther's Rise

(Est 3-7) Haman: The Great Enemy of the Jews

(Est 3) The Plot of Haman

  • (Est 3.1) Haman's First Mention [ notes | audio ]
  • (Est 3.1b) A Bad Decision: Haman in charge [ notes | audio ]
  • (Est 3.2-4) The Servants' Dissension [ notes | audio ]
  • (Est 3.5-6) Haman's Destruction [ notes | audio ]
  • (Est 3.7-9) Haman Prepares & Presents His Plan, Part 1 [ notes | audio ]
  • (Est 3.7-9) Haman Prepares & Presents His Plan, Part 2 [ notes | audio ]
  • (Est 3.10-11) Haman's Power & Provision [ notes | audio ]
  • (Est 3.12-13) The Enemy's Decree: Declaration [ notes | audio ]
  • (Est 3.14-15) The Enemy's Decree: Proclamation [ notes | audio ]

(Est 4) The Plan of Mordecai

  • (Est 4) Mordecai's Plan & Esther's Problem [ notes | audio ]
  • (Est 4.1-2) Mordecai: Grief in the City [ notes | audio ]
  • (Est 4.3) Lights Out in the Kingdom [ notes | audio ]
  • (Est 4.4-6) One Step Back & Two Steps Forward [ notes | audio ]
  • (Est 4.7-9) Mordecai's Charge [ notes | audio ]
  • (Est 4.10-12) Esther "Quenches" Mordecai [ notes | audio ]
  • (Est 4.13-14) Mordecai Responds to Esther's Resistance [ notes | audio ]


(Est 5) The Petition of Esther

(Est 6) The Praise of Mordecai

(Est 7) The Pronouncement Against Haman

(Est 8-10) Mordecai: The Great Victory at Last!

(Est 8) The Vindication of the Jews

(Est 9) The Victory of the Jews

(Est 10) The Vantage of Mordecai


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