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"Some Major Problems
in Dispensational Interpretation"
by Paul David Nevin

I had been seeing this unpublished Th.D. dissertation cited in many of the books I have been reading in my current study on dispensations. When I tried to get a copy of the original source (a copy of the dissertation) I found out it was unpublished and unavailable for purchase. I did, however, obtain the only paper copy I know of through the Inter-Library Loan system of my local library. 

The dissertation arrived and it was a mule-choker! Wow! It was a little over 500 pages long. And guess what...?

It was typed on a manual typewriter! It was written (or at least finished, presented, and defended) in 1965. Five-hundred pages of manually typed text plus footnotes and Greek (maybe some Hebrew, too; just haven't got that far). Incredible. The man put an enormous amount of effort into this. 

He titled his dissertation "Some Major Problems in Dispensational Interpretation: A Dissertation Presented to the Faculty of the Department of Systematic Theology, Dallas Theological Seminary." Here is a copy of the Table of Contents, if you're curious (as I was) about the content:

  • Table of Contents [ pdf ]

Very cool. Much thanks to Dr. Paul David Nevin for his work! 

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Revelation 2-3: The Seven Churches

...the consistency of one's hermeneutical principle is far more important than the defense of one's theological system.
~Charles Ryrie, Dispensationalism (p. 115) ~

Our challenge with Revelation 2-3: We should make every effort possible to consistently apply the key hermeneutical principal of the normal-literal interpretation of Scripture.

  • If we do that, we will see and understand that the seven churches are not churches in the current dispensation of grace (the Church Age).
  • A normal-literal (plain) understanding of Revelation 2-3 leads us to the conclusion that the seven churches are, doctrinally, seven churches (or types of churches) during the Tribulation period.


  • Teaching notes [pdf]
  • Teaching audio [mp3]
  • Handout #1: Overview and Book Chart [pdf]
  • Handout #2: Eschatological Time Line [pdf]
  • Study of the Book of Revelation [page]
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Dispensationalism is Self-Evident

Dispensationalism, as a system of theology, is self-evident to the normal reader of Scripture.

This article is part of an on-going study into Dispensationalism. It is only a small part of a larger study, so if you feel it is incomplete, you're right.

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We need to stop perpetuating weightism. This refers to oppressive societal structures that create body image disturbances in certain people.

If you are so insensitive that you would suggest a portly pal skip that second slice of cake, you’re not showing concern for his or her well-being; you’re committing a microaggression, expressing bigotry, causing emotional pain.

This growing "war on obesity" has actually caused more harm than good. Many who attempt to lose weight suffer damaging psychological consequences. And, as the "war on obesity" has escalated, so has weight-based bias and discrimination

Weightism as a system of oppression is just as wicked, evil, and psychologically damaging as other (more media-popular) systems of oppression such as sexism, racism, classism, heterosexism, and ageism.

Weight-based oppression is a social justice issue. Fat people are victims of sizeism (i.e., fat oppression)! 

All of this stems from an oppression known as healthism. Encouraging people to watch their health is a coercive and potentially fascist act linked to capitalism, racism, and Nazi-style eugenics.

We must show a united front against this awful discrimination!


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